White Love


 The Gothic, 2010, Photoshop


                                                   Small Training, 30x20x10cm,Clay,2010

The Work"The Lobrat" for the Challenge"B-movie" from CGsociety.


The Character

                                                      We are familie, 2010, Photoshop

Morning.., 2010, Photoshop

Pianist, 2010, Photoshop

German Teacher, 2010, Photoshop

Stadtmittel, 2010, Photoshop

    2010, Photoshop

The Graphic, 2010, Photoshop

The Designer, 2010, Photoshop

The Smoker, 2010, Photoshop

 Ma...., 2009, Photoshop

The weekend, 2009, Photoshop

The Painter, 2009, Photoshop

The Sculpture in 2008

                                                 The  first Semester, 2008, Plastic, 30x30x60cm

                                                    The Party, 2008, Plastic, 20x30x40cm

                                                The Summer, 2008, Plastic, 50x30x60cm

                                                        No Name , 2008, Plastic, 50x30x70cm

                                                       No Name, 2008, Plastic, 25x30x50cm

                                                                   Sculptural Process

                                                     Mater and Daughter,2006,Drawing






The Sculpture in 2007

Parents, 2007, Plastic, 50x40x70cm

                                                       Morning, 2007, Plastic, 25x30x60cm

                                                      The Night, 2007, Plastic, 20x20x60cm

                                                         Melt, 2007, Plastic, 60x40x80cm

                                                      The Jacket, 2007, Plastic, 60x60x80cm

“Victory Unfolding” (胜利的绽放)

                                           Victory Unfolding , Plastic,50x50x60cm

                                                  Victory Unfolding , Plastic,80x100x130cm

                                                  Victory Unfolding , Kupfer,50x50x60cm

             In May, 2008, the work “Victory Unfolding” (胜利的绽放)won silver medals of ‘project collection tournament of sight sculpture for the game of Olympiad”


The Sculpture in 2007

                                                   The Girl,  2007,  Plastic, 15x15x50cm

                                                   The Pair, 2007,  Plastic, 60x30x60cm

Spring, 2007,  Plastic, 18x22x30cm 

                                               The Student, 2007, Plastic, 18x22x30cm     

                                                        The Time, 2007, Plastic,, 30x25x50cm